7 Qualities of a Pro Rummy Player

Have you ever come across a rummy player who consistently tasted success right from day 1? No one will answer this question in ‘Yes’. It is because ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and no one is a born winner. It takes a lot of practice, hard work and skills to be a pro player in rummy game. Even merely knowing all the online rummy rules isn’t enough!


Do you know that the professional rummy online players have certain characteristics or qualities in them that makes them the best and consistent winners in real money game? It is not necessary that you should have them since birth. You can also develop them as you keep playing rummy. And the ones you have, well, develop them further! Here are the qualities of a pro Indian rummy player:

Observation skills

If you don’t observe the moves on the table, how will you know how to win? Pro rummy players have or develop this skill to the maximum. They observe each and every move of each player, right from the melding of cards till the game ends. After all, it is only after observing your opponent’s moves, and understanding their cards that you will be able to devise the best strategies to counter them and win the game.

Positive attitude

Whether your opponent is a strong rummy player or you have got worse cards, top players always stay positive in every situation. Top players too don’t have a 100% win record, they take the losses also positively, because they gain/learn from losses too, the tricks and strategies of their opponents, their own mistakes to avoid etc. A positive attitude triggers positive thoughts, events, and results. Always be optimistic in the game of online rummy.


The quality that has took pro online rummy game players to the top is – Determination. They enter each table with only one aim – to win the match, and lots of real cash. Whether these pro players win or not is a different story. But the main thing is to be determined to win, to be the best, whatever be the circumstances you are in.


Even though rummy is a game of skills, it is also a game of uncertainties. Pro players know this well and hence have the quality of adaptability. Each game of rummy is different, they don’t assume a particular outcome or direction of the game, every throw of the card can have a myriad of possibilities for the next move and the result of the game. Pro players quickly adapt themselves to the changing situations in the game.

Decision making

One of the amazing quality of top players is their quick and solid decision making skills. At every turn and discard of card, they have to make a decision, and such a one that it won’t help their opponent in any way. In a few seconds they know what will work best for them. These perfect decisions are the difference between a loss and a win for them.


Just like top players, you must have patience, because sometimes you make get bad cards in the beginning, but it is not always good to drop. What if good cards were on your way? Even during some turns you may not get good cards. The trick is to have patience and resilience. Top players never give up! They regularly reinvent themselves. They rise up even from a completely hopeless situation.

When to leave/drop

Pro players know exactly when to keep playing and when to drop out of the game. Whenever they get bad cards, sometimes it is wise to drop in the beginning and sometimes keep playing and get good cards in few moves. They understand the risk involved and take the correct decision regarding dropping out, they don’t chase their losses.

If you have the above traits and/or develop them gradually with practice, nothing will stop you from becoming a top pro rummy player in real cash rummy. At KhelPlay Rummy, we know this very well and hence, we provide ample amount of help to our budding rummy newbies at every step of the way in developing themselves into the finest rummy players in card games. If you wish to be the best in rummy gaming, then KhelPlay Rummy is the ideal platform for you to register and start playing online rummy.