How to buy cheating playing cards

Do you like to play pokers? Is it feeling enjoyable without losing money? The products of Marked Poker Cards can help you offer more pleasure at the time of playing poker games.

With a past of over ten years, Marked Poker Cards specializes in the development of the most advanced products in the world, including marked cards, invisible ink, infrared contact lenses, AKK analyzers and poker scanning systems, and infrared scanning cameras and other devices. There are best quality of products with the best prices in all these years to buy cheating playing cards.

These products are useful for magic shows or self defense in poker games. However, make sure they are not cheating.

Luminous Marked Cards and Infrared Contact Lenses

There are all kinds of marked poker cards, poker contact lenses for different colored eyes and marked sunglasses cards. You can always get cards marked bright, invisible ink marked cards or magic marked cards with the reasonable price. And you can also mark the cards according to your requirements at lower price.

You can read the invisible light marks on the back of the marked cards after wearing infrared contact lenses or IR sunglasses. However people with naked eyes could not see signs of cards.

Texas Scanning System and Omaha Analyzer And AKK

The latest Texas Hold’em and Omaha Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Hold’em and Omaha game. It can be operated by one person. In 0.5 seconds, he can tell you the first and second winner, the rank of all players even. The accurateness of the device might be 100%. It counters with incredible speed.

There are different systems for different games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Bacara and so on. You can always find your right analyzer with the precise set in a low price.

Infrared Cards Marked Invisible

There is a kind of conventional infrared marked cards that can only be seen by the infrared camera. These are the new products.

The cards are sold infrared marked by many companies, but many of their products are of poor quality. For example, UV glasses can see, or the naked eye can see, or you can use a pen to write, or color deviation greatly. These are terrible problems.

Infrared Scanning Camera

This camera is specially used to read infrared marked cards. It is very popular in European countries.

There are infrared camera adapted into this, which can make the lamp shape, vase shape, kettle shape, hat shape, sound shape, as long as you have the base, it can be produced.

The space between the card and the camera varies from approximately 1 meter to 10 meters. And the greater the distance, the more expensive it is.