VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

If you are a glasses lover, switch to VisionDirect. This is a superstore of eyewear. Winter trends have incorporated the spring fashion that we missed out on this year. Check out this mix of winter 2020 trends for the designer eyewear from VisionDirect. They have all the international and local designer’s glasses at a very reasonable price. All the glasses come with a 2 year warranty.

  1. Thick Rimmed Eyeglasses 

Thick-rimmed sunglasses are bold style eyewear. These glasses come with thicker rimmed frames and clear lenses. These are suitable styles for any season.   Thick-rimmed sunglasses will give your look that wow factor. If you want something extraordinary and unique, you should take a look at these Tom Ford and Adidas sunglasses. These designer brands are not only known for their exceptional taste; they are also known for their high-quality products that will last.

Tom Ford FT0615 

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

This Tom Ford pitch-black frame and light black lenses are a new style, increasing your personality with a new summer season look. This is also suitable for all types of faces, mostly round faces. This is made of Plastic and came with a two-year warranty.

Adidas Originals AOR009

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

These Adidas Originals eyeglasses come in a trendy White. They have a vast selection of prescription lens options to suit everyone, so you can rest assured your product will arrive ready to use. Made from Plastic, each pair comes with an extended 24-month warranty from VisionDirect.

  1. Shield Sunglasses 

Shield style sunglasses often have the shield cut and are finished with one lens. Any other traditional glasses are utilized with many lenses of material. Celebrities who sported protective sunglasses last year included Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez. Well, this style is back, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. This modern design also offers complete eye protection for sleek styling and better eye care. The shield sunglasses are also made with a sports mind. You can use them in any sport.


VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

Oakley‘s CROSSRANGE SHIELD is made from heavy Plastic frames with a unique advanced coating that delivers a polished anti-glare. These glasses are specially designed to make it scratches free. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty.


VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

Julbo SHIELD’s are made for every occasion. Coupled with fantastic Brown Photochromic lenses for a great look for any season. Made from Plastic and coming with a two-year warranty, these fashionable sunglasses are perfect for the urban jungle and hiking or hitting.

  1. Angular Eyeglasses

If you have a round face, then the Angular eyeglasses are made for you with their angular frames. Minimalist glasses sometimes say more. This winter 2020 fashion trend is all about finding the right angle. Rectangular glasses are a summer 2020 fashion trend that has found its way into some of the most popular designer brand collections. Refine your style this summer with these warm rectangular frames. You also have the choice to take Cat eye and squared type of frames.

  Michael Kors MK2087U

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

Step out in style with the Michael Kors STOWE. The Black frames are made from Plastic with Dark Grey Plastic lenses, the perfect accessory for any outfit. Michael Kors and this is a stylish addition of Michel addition.

Prada PR04VS

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

The Prada Linea comes in a classy Black and Blue shade, coupled with fantastic Dark Grey lenses for a great look for the new season of winters.

  1. Sustainable Designer Eyewear

The sustainability comes with nature, and the northern nature inspires these shapes. However, The COVID-19 pandemic could see the end of fast fashion. Giorgio Armani, for example, came out and advocated for a new era of quality designer products. Likewise, the April issue of vogue saw a blank page to signify a blank page and a new era for the future of fashion. A fashion stop was a time to think of new ideas. Take a look at some of the trends for these designer brands this summer.

Giorgio Armani AR8091

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

We are featuring some of Giorgio Armani sunglasses’ latest collections and the perfect accessory for any outfit. Giorgio Armani comes in an assortment of fashionable colors. This particular model color is Black made from Plastic.

Vogue VO5211S

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

We are featuring some of the latest collection of Vogue Eyewear sunglasses and the perfect accessory for any outfit. Vogue Eyewear. This Brown color allowing you to add a touch of color co-ordinate cools to every outfit. The Vogue Eyewear is a stylish addition to anyone’s collection

  1. Graphic Shapes 

Graphic shapes eyewear is designed in such a way that it will be suitable for any face. This will increase your lookup and personality with their unique and stylish frames. Nothing says modern style like graphic shapes. If you want to stand out, this is one way to do it. The more present the form, the more fashionable it is. In any case, you need your shades to be commonsense. Make sure you find the right balance between unique fashion and versatility. Moreover, do not forget that the black and white frames allow the unique shape to speak for itself without being distracted by elaborate colors.

Prada PR10XS

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

This Prada White is a new and stylish product. Go big or go home could be your style motto together with those bizarre Prada Particular Job PR fur sun shades. Wide-rimmed and made from black Acetate, all those frames have been attached by an apartment and curved bridge

MiuMiu MU05VS

VisionDirect Best Selling Winter Glasses 2020

This particular frame color of Havana White Black is paired with Grey lenses. The right color combination of Light Brown and Black make this pair the perfect accessory to any outfit. Made from Acetate and coming with a two-year warranty.