When and how did streaming first take off?

Modern life has evolved at such a frenetic pace that we seem to see one leap forward after another these days. It can be seen in Cloud-based computing for business, which is so popular, and online social media platforms. It has also given us new ways to make a living, becoming a mobile phone tester being one example.

One critical tech development in history has been streaming. This refers to media that is delivered to your device in real-time via the internet. As such, it involves no downloading of content and no need to store any on your device. Streaming can also be related to live-action events (such as soccer matches).

History of streaming – when and how did it happen

To explorethe advent of streaming, we have to go back in time a little. The technology needed for streaming as we now know it was created in the 1920s. That was when George Squier develops the Muzak network for commercial clients. Not much happened after that as there was not the tech to make it viable for consumer use.

Streaming as we now know it started as the internet took off in the 1990s. That, coupled with more advanced computers, enabled media streaming to be a real possibility. The first-ever live music broadcast happened in 1993 when Severe Tire Damage streamed a gig over the internet. Since then, many bands have streamed live concerts and events to the watching fans online.

Streaming moves into the digital age

Streaming grew steadily over time but was still limited by the bandwidth and devices people had to stream the data.That all changed with two significant leaps forward – mobile devices and the creation of big-name streaming companies.

But why did this help streaming to become as popular as we know it today? In terms of big-name companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify, they made streaming fun, affordable, and accessible to ordinary people. Netflix, for example, makes streaming the latest TV and movies simple through your existing TV set. Streaming is also seen at online casino sites, where live casino games use this tech to connect with players at home.

Resorts Casino is one of the best NJ online casino sites to try and has a great range of live games that show streaming off to its full effect even when using small mobile devices. Mobile tech has helped massively to promote streaming, as more powerful smartphones can handle live sporting events or other media in a fast, reliable way. Popular platforms like Twitch now stream live video game events to people around the world.

Streaming is sure to grow in the future

The above outlines the history of streaming and how it all started. Although the future is impossible to predict, it looks like a safe bet to say we will all be streaming our top games, music, movies, concerts, and sports for manyyears to come.