Your Trump cards are the marked cards

Cheat decks are essential cheating poker devices in different games as they can improve the probability of winning in advance. Those decks are marked with an invisible ink kit according to the “spectral effect”, so you need special tools to help to read it. And the difference between normal game cards and poker cheat cards is impossible to recognize in appearance after dialing.

To a certain extent, misleading game cards can be divided into decks marked with contact lenses and cards marked with barcodes due to the different principle of operation. So what kind of devices can be used to read those cheat cards? Normally, infrared contact lenses and a poker analyzer system are offered to meet your requirements. How can you get them to work together to play a trick? Please read this article carefully!

How to cheat in poker with infrared contact lenses?

The poker cheat decks on the back cannot be detected with the naked eye. They require cooperating Take Blackjack for an example. Blackjack happens to be an impulsive gambling game as you with infrared contact lenses. How can contact lenses help players win at poker games?

The marked cards have some marks printed with invisible ink. In poker games, players can make a better decision if they can know the cards in advance. This decision can help them be winners. There isn’t any fixed formula of calculating the possible winner, so the poker analyzer cannot work. At this time, the luminous marked decks are useful.

Before playing Blackjack, you must prepare a pair of specialized contact lenses and a cheat card. When the dealer happens to finish shuffling and dealing, every single player use to have face up, 2 cards, before them, but the dealer use to have one card face up and another face down. With the invisible ink contact lenses, you might see the dealer’s decks and the next cards in the blackjack shoe, even if these decks are face down. You can make the best decision based on the cards you see.

How to cheat in poker with the scanning system?

The poker cheat scanning system happen to include a scanning camera, a poker analyzer, a deck marked with barcodes and spy headphones. A group of poker scanning system might assist you a lot in Texas Holdem, the game of Omaha and blackjack.

The most vital part of the poker scanning system use to be the barcode cheat decks. What makes everything work is the use of a special marked letters in which the four edges of each letters are marked with IR absorbent ink. Post marking, the cards happens to be repackaged with plastic wrap and sealing. It reduces the disbelief of other players as the cards might be opened before their eyes.